Company Assets

Beside the 30MHz of licensed radio-frequency spectrum for 4G/LTE, Chuan Wei has ready access to a 3,000 km long optic fiber nationwide backbone network linking Phnom Penh to other key cities in Cambodia.

In addition to purchasing IRU and leasing capacity on international submarine cable networks, Chuan Wei is committed to ramping up Cambodia's international bandwidth supply by actively participating in the planning and implementation of new regional submarine cable projects that offer direct landings in Cambodia as well as low latency high capacity links to other key Asian telecom hubs such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and as well as to West Coast USA.

Chuan Wei currently has implemented dedicated capacity links to Hong Kong via diverse fiber-optic links to the Thailand and Vietnam borders, and has secured significant submarine cable capacity for years to come. It also has established interconnect tie-ups with several leading telecom operators across the Asian region.

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