Corporate Philosophy

The very basis of Chuan Wei's corporate philosophy is that actively participating in Cambodia's socio-economic progress creates tangible and sustainable long-term benefits for the Cambodian people as well as moving the company up the value chain.

The key company ethos of enabling wealth-creation opportunities for the local population creates a virtuous cycle that will ultimately result in "growing the pie" - i.e. cultivating and growing a larger population of consumer and enterprise customers that in turn become more active users of higher revenue services from the market's leading communications provider.

The same principle applies for the company’s philosophy of investing and developing local talent; the growth of more professional and loyal base of human resources that results will ultimately benefit Chuan Wei. Developing local talent can also foster a new generation of IT entrepreneurs whose start-ups may, in turn, further intertwine with Chuan Wei’s services for mutual growth in a symbiotic relationship.

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